Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: September 28

1➤ Elijah outran a king's chariot, running all the way from Mount Carmel to Jezreel, almost 10 miles. Who was the king?

2➤ How was Elijah taken up into heaven?

3➤ Israel crossed the Red Sea on dry ground and also crossed a river on dry ground. Which river?

4➤ What carried Philip from Gaza to Azotus?

5➤ What two people walked on water in the midst of a storm?

6➤ Who took Jesus to a pinnacle of the temple in Jerusalem?

7➤ Ezekiel was lifted up by a spirit, which held him between earth and heaven. What was the spirit holding on to?

8➤ Who was taken up into heaven in the sight of his followers?

9➤ What man knew someone who had been caught up to the third heaven?

10➤ What did Moses mount on a pole as a way for healing the ailing Israelites?

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