Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: April 17

1➤ What was Timothy advised to take to help with his illnesses?

2➤ What happened to the prophet from Judah who was led to disobey God when a prophet from Bethel lied to him saying he was allowed to come back and share a meal with him?

3➤ Who was the goddess of the Ephesians?

4➤ How many volunteer soldiers did Gideon have initially?

5➤ What will Jesus “drink new in the Kingdom of God”?

6➤ What objects did Gideon and his army use to defeat the Midianites?

7➤ Who had a slave named Onesimus?

8➤ In which province was Thessalonica located?

9➤ Which is the shortest Psalm?

10➤ How did the townspeople regard Ruth?

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