Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 4

1➤ Who ordered his daughter-in-law Tamar burned because she had acted like a prostitute?

2➤ Who married a faithless woman named Gomer?

3➤ Who went on a killing spree when their sister Dinah was treated like a prostitute?

4➤ Who tricked the people of Gaza by leaving a prostitute's house earlier than they expected?

5➤ What epistle warns Christians against patronizing prostitutes?

6➤ What prophet warned the priest Amaziah that his wife would become a prostitute?

7➤ According to tradition, what follower of Jesus had been a prostitute, though the Bible does not refer to her as one?

8➤ Who committed incest with his daughters after getting drunk?

9➤ In which city of Greece did a scandalous member cohabit with his stepmother?

10➤ How many times had the immoral Samaritan woman, who was living with her present lover, been married?

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