Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 26

1➤ What two apostles were put into prison in Jerusalem for preaching the gospel?

2➤ Who remained in the prison at Philippi even after an earthquake opened the prison doors?

3➤ When Jesus was brought before the council, how many false witnesses were brought in to accuse him?

4➤ Who suggested to Moses that he appoint judges so that he would not have to judge all cases himself?

5➤ According to the Law, how many witnesses are necessary before a man could be tried and put to death?

6➤ What cynical king asked Jesus questions and then allowed him to be mocked?

7➤ According to Jesus, when his followers were dragged into court, they would not need to worry about their defense, for someone else would speak through them. Who?

8➤ What stinging accusation of the Jews finally convinced Pilate to allow Jesus to be executed?

9➤ What person's presence at the trial of Peter and John kept the rulers and priests from punishing the two apostles?

10➤ When Stephen was brought to trial, what was the charge laid against him?

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