Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 12

1➤ Who was commander of Solomon's army?

2➤ Who was commander of David's army?

3➤ What commander led a successful revolt against the ill-fated King Zimri?

4➤ What army commander was anointed by a prophet and told that he was to stamp out Ahab's dynasty?

5➤ What Assyrian field commander tried to intimidate King Hezekiah by speaking propaganda to the people of Jerusalem?

6➤ Who was commander of the troops during the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem?

7➤ What Babylonian soldier was ordered to execute Daniel and his friends?

8➤ What soldier, David's oldest brother, picked on David for coming to the battle lines?

9➤ What brother of Joab was famous for having killed 300 enemy soldiers in battle?

10➤ Who told Roman soldiers to be content with their pay and to avoid taking money by force?

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