Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: April 2

1➤ What did Joseph want to do when he discovered Mary was pregnant?

2➤ What did Boaz say Naomi was selling?

3➤ Abram was rich in gold, silver, and what else?

4➤ How much of Elijah’s spirit did Elisha receive?

5➤ What was unusual about the 700 Benjamite soldiers who could sling a stone and hit their target every time?

6➤ What relation was Annas to Caiaphas?

7➤ According to James, what is "pure and undefiled religion"?

8➤ When in prison, at what time did Paul and Silas pray and sing to God?

9➤ What did Daniel and his three friends eat instead of the king’s meat and drink?

10➤ What did Jesus say is the "greatest commandment in the law"?

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