Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 17

1➤ What apostle had a sister whose son informed soldiers of a murderous plot?

2➤ Who was forbidden to mourn the death of his beautiful wife?

3➤ What invading general had a loving mother who never saw her son return from battle?

4➤ What woman in the time of the judges had dedicated 1,100 shekels of silver to the making of idols?

5➤ Whose mother took refuge in Moab while her son was fleeing the wrath of Israel's king?

6➤ What woman put on an act to convince David to recall Absalom from exile?

7➤ What was the occupation of the two women who disputed over a child and asked Solomon for a decision?

8➤ What city suffered such a terrible famine that two women agreed to eat their sons for dinner?

9➤ What woman is mentioned in Proverbs as having taught wise sayings to her son?

10➤ What book portrays Wisdom as a woman?

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