Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 16

1➤ Where was Paul when he cast demons out from a girl who was a spiritualist?

2➤ What was the hometown of Mary and Martha and Lazarus?

3➤ What beautiful woman of Israel was married to a Hittite warrior?

4➤ What distraught woman failed at first to recognize the resurrected Jesus?

5➤ What doting mother made her absentee son a new coat each year?

6➤ What book speaks of the "sons of God" taking the "daughters of men" as wives?

7➤ What woman is significant for keeping her own name when she married instead of taking her husband's name?

8➤ Who had 10 concubines that were sexually assaulted by his wayward son?

9➤ What book has a chorus of girls of Jerusalem as characters?

10➤ Who orchestrated a plot to have the entire Hebrew nation completely exterminated?

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