Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 13

1➤ What courageous woman risked her life to keep her royal nephew alive?

2➤ What Jewish-Christian woman had lived at Rome, Corinth, and Ephesus?

3➤ Who called herself Mara, a name meaning "bitter"?

4➤ Who asked her royal son to surrender his father's concubine to another son?

5➤ What wealthy woman made her living selling purple dye?

6➤ What woman had such an influential life that Israel had 40 years of peace?

7➤ Who was better to her widowed mother-in-law than any seven sons could be?

8➤ Who bore three sons and two daughters after giving up her first son to serve the Lord at Shiloh?

9➤ What wife of David had no children because she had criticized her husband's jubilant dancing?

10➤ Who married David after her stupid husband died out of fear?

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