Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 27

1➤ Who paid the young Samuel a late-night call?

2➤ Who frightened his followers, who thought he was a ghost when he passed by them late at night?

3➤ What New Testament character was the "voice crying in the wilderness"?

4➤ What blind father recognized Jacob's voice but was deceived by his glove-covered hands?

5➤ When Moses was in the tabernacle, where did God's voice come from?

6➤ Who heard a voice that said, "Write down what you see"?

7➤ Where did God speak to Moses in a voice like thunder?

8➤ What barren woman moved her lips in prayer but made no sound?

9➤ According to Deuteronomy, where did God's voice come from?

10➤ Who told Saul that obeying God's voice was more important than sacrificing animals?

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