Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 25

1➤ Who were the five men called to be the first priests of Israel?

2➤ Which king ordered the execution of Ahimelech and other priests because they had conspired with David?

3➤ Who was the only priest to escape when Saul slaughtered the 85 priests of Nob?

4➤ What priest found the Book of the Law in the temple during Josiah's reign?

5➤ When Adonijah tried to grab the throne of Israel, what priest took his side?

6➤ What high priest had John and Peter arrested after the two disciples had healed a lame man?

7➤ What priest was told by Jeremiah that he would be taken to Babylon as a prisoner?

8➤ What king of Israel sinned by appointing priests that had not been chosen by God?

9➤ In the time of the judges, what man was brassy enough to set up one of his sons as a priest, though he had no authority to do so?

10➤ What priest led a reform movement in Judah, so that the people tore down their Baal temple and idols?

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