Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: September 27

1➤ What child, who later ministered with the priest Eli, was ordained before birth to serve God?

2➤ What apostle was foreordained to minister to the Gentiles?

3➤ What kinsman of Christ was ordained to be his forerunner?

4➤ What Greek ruler's reign is usually considered to be predicted in the book of Daniel?

5➤ What prophet was ordained before birth to be God's messenger?

6➤ What king of Judah had his birth and reign foretold to King Jeroboam?

7➤ What psalm, usually assumed to have been written by David, talks about God knowing him before his birth?

8➤ Who foretold Jesus' birth and ministry to Mary?

9➤ What prophet was able to travel for 40 days on just the strength from a cake and water?

10➤ Elijah and Elisha walked across the Jordan river on dry ground after Elijah struck the waters with what?

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