Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: April 25

1➤ What did Paul do when he couldn’t bear to be away from the brethren at Thessalonica any longer?

2➤ What did James and John want to do to the unwelcoming Samaritan village?

3➤ Jesus said not to “swear by your head” because you cannot do what?

4➤ On the fourth day, God made the Sun, Moon, and what else?

5➤ In the New Jerusalem described in Revelation, what are the twelve gates made from?

6➤ Which Psalm is entitled “A Prayer of Moses”?

7➤ On what day of creation were dry land and seas created?

8➤ How many tribes was Jeroboam promised he would rule over?

9➤ Which brother did Joseph imprison while the others returned to Jacob?

10➤ How many spies did Moses send out to explore the land of Canaan?

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