Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 26

1➤ Who came to Peter late at night and released him from prison?

2➤ Who had a late-night visit from an angel, who assured him that he would be safe aboard a storm-tossed ship?

3➤ Who led some officers of the chief priests to pay a late-night call on Jesus?

4➤ What Pharisee came to Jesus late at night?

5➤ Who met a man with whom he engaged in an all-night wrestling match?

6➤ Who came through Egypt on a late-night visit to almost every household?

7➤ Where did shepherds receive angels as late visitors?

8➤ Who took Saul's spear after sneaking into his camp late one night?

9➤ Who visited a medium at night?

10➤ Who attacked a Midianite camp late at night?

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