Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: October 7

1➤ When Jesus healed 10 lepers, how many came back to thank him?

2➤ How many loaves did Jesus use to feed the four thousand?

3➤ What woman had her daughter healed, even after Jesus told her that he had been sent to the Jews, not to foreigners?

4➤ Which Gospel records the miraculous catch of fish after Jesus' resurrection?

5➤ Which apostle cut off a man's ear at Jesus' arrest and then watched Jesus heal the ear?

6➤ In what town did Jesus heal a demon-possessed man in the synagogue?

7➤ What man of Bethany did Jesus bring back to life?

8➤ Which Gospel records the ability of the resurrected Jesus to walk through locked doors?

9➤ What was the affliction of the man Jesus healed on the Sabbath at the home of a Pharisee?

10➤ Who led the Israelites into Canaan?

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