Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: September 13

1➤ Who cursed a fig tree for not bearing fruit?

2➤ Who put a curse on Cain and made him a wanderer?

3➤ What son of Josiah was cursed by God?

4➤ In what story did Jesus place a curse on the unrighteous?

5➤ According to Paul, what was put under a curse because of man's sin?

6➤ What nation did God say would have its towns and fields cursed because of disobedience?

7➤ What happened to the ground as a result of God's curse?

8➤ Who received a promise from God that all persons who cursed him would be cursed themselves?

9➤ According to Galatians, what people remain under a curse?

10➤ Who said that people who taught a false gospel would be cursed?

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