Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 31

1➤ Whom did Rechab and Baanah murder to get in good with David?

2➤ What king of Assyria was murdered at worship by his two sons?

3➤ What good king of Judah was murdered by his court officials?

4➤ What saintly deacon was murdered by the Jewish elders for his testimony?

5➤ Who had one of his army men killed in order to cover up an adulterous affair?

6➤ Who killed Hamor and Shechem for offending their sister Dinah?

7➤ What Old Testament figure boasted to his two wives that he had killed a young man?

8➤ What son of Abraham was supposed to have been against everyone, and everyone against him?

9➤ Who caused a riot when people thought he had taken a Gentile into the temple?

10➤ What tribe was ambushed at Gibeah by the other tribes of Israel?

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