Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 24

1➤ Who was known as the "king of peace" in the Bible?

2➤ Which priest of Midian taught Moses how to administer justice among the Hebrews?

3➤ Who was the priest in the Old Testament who was also a king?

4➤ Who served as the priest during Joshua's conquest of Canaan?

5➤ Which priest had the boy Jehoash proclaimed king, causing the death of the wicked Queen Athaliah?

6➤ Which priest scolded a distressed woman because he thought she had been drinking at the tabernacle?

7➤ What was engraved on the 12 stones in the high priest's breastplate?

8➤ Which two gluttonous priests were notorious for keeping the sacrificial meat for themselves?

9➤ Which reform priest was killed by the orders of King Joash, a pupil of his father?

10➤ Which priest had a son named Ichabod, a name meaning "the glory has departed"?

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