Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: May 27

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Daily Bible Quiz

1➤ What Egyptian woman was the mother of two of the tribes of Israel?

2➤ What two women of Philippi were asked by Paul to stop their quarreling?

3➤ Who were the first two women to be the wives of the same man?

4➤ What was Esther's Hebrew name?

5➤ What was the name of Sarah's Egyptian maid?

6➤ What did Naomi call herself after suffering great tragedy?

7➤ What Egyptian servant woman was insolent to Sarah?

8➤ What Midianite woman was slain by the priest Phinehas for marrying an Israelite?

9➤ Who was wife to godly King Josiah?

10➤ What queen of Judah was the wife of godly King Hezekiah and mother of evil King Manasseh?

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