Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 5

1➤ Who forced his half-sister to have sexual relations with him?

2➤ Which book of the Old Testament mentions a gang rape of a concubine belonging to a Levite?

3➤ Which daughter-in-law of Judah enticed him to have relations with her?

4➤ Who sinned in the wilderness by taking a Midianite woman as his harlot companion?

5➤ Which daughter of Jacob was raped by Shechem?

6➤ Which city has given its name to homosexual behavior?

7➤ Who was killed by God because he spilled out his seed on the ground rather than father a child by his brother's wife?

8➤ What sin were the men of Gibeah hoping to commit when they stormed the house of a man who had taken in a traveler?

9➤ Which priest had two sons who slept with the women who worked at the entrance of the tabernacle?

10➤ Who committed adultery with David?

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