Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: May 7

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Daily Bible Quiz

1➤ What was the number of the plague of boils in Egypt?

2➤ Where did Silas and Timothy meet up with Paul after being left behind in Berea?

3➤ Who assured his wife not to worry about her barrenness, saying, "Am not I better to thee than ten sons"?

4➤ What does Job describe as "poured out like water"?

5➤ According to Proverbs, what is a word "fitly spoken" likened to?

6➤ During which event did believers specifically sing a hymn according to the Bible?

7➤ To which city did Samson go down to and kill thirty men?

8➤ Who was the Persian king when the rebuilding of the temple after the exile was finally complete?

9➤ What part of King Asa's body was diseased?

10➤ Which priest anointed Solomon?

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