Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: May 3

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Daily Bible Quiz

1➤ In the parable of the lamp, where is the candle to be “set once it is lit”?

2➤ “A wholesome (healing), tongue” is described as what?

3➤ Three of David’s mighty men risked their lives against the Philistines to get him a drink of water from where?

4➤ What feast was instituted when Queen Esther saved the Jews from destruction?

5➤ What was the name of the field where Abraham buried his wife?

6➤ From which country did Solomon import horses?

7➤ What miracle did Jesus perform just before healing Legion of his unclean spirit?

8➤ Why did Pharaoh give Joseph’s family the land of Goshen to live in?

9➤ After the exile, the Israelites returned and started to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, but which other prophet along with Zechariah was sent to encourage the completion of the partly built temple?

10➤ Which gospel records the fewest of the miracles performed by Jesus?

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