Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 26

1➤ What priest of Baal was killed in Jerusalem when a reform movement threw out all the idols?

2➤ What were the names of the two stones worn in the high priest's breastplate and used to determine God's will?

3➤ What king ordered the priest Uriah to make a copy of a pagan altar he had seen in Damascus?

4➤ What two men were high priests during David's reign?

5➤ What priest received the boy Samuel as a servant?

6➤ When Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians, what priest was taken prisoner to Babylon?

7➤ What king reversed the reform policies of Jehoiada the priest immediately after Jehoiada died?

8➤ What fat priest of Israel died when he heard the ark had been captured?

9➤ What priest scolded King Uzziah for daring to offer incense to God?

10➤ What leader after the exile traced his ancestry back to the high priest Aaron?

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