Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 27

1➤ In what city were Paul and Silas tried, flogged, and jailed after they cast a demon out of a fortune-teller?

2➤ When Paul was mobbed in the temple, who rescued him?

3➤ What Roman official gave Paul a centurion as a guard and told the centurion to allow Paul freedom to see whomever he wished?

4➤ What three rulers, hearing Paul defend himself in Caesarea, agreed that he deserved no punishment?

5➤ Who was the first person to lie to God about a murder?

6➤ Who was probably the most deceptive future father-in-law in the Bible?

7➤ What doting mother lied to procure a blessing for her favorite son?

8➤ Who was the only animal that lied?

9➤ What frustrated Egyptian wife claimed her Hebrew servant tried to seduce her?

10➤ What lying prophet put Jeremiah in the stocks and was later told that he and his whole household would die in exile?

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