Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 23

1➤ What was the penalty in Israel for disobeying a priest?

2➤ What priest was made mute because he did not believe the prophecy given by an angel?

3➤ What oil was supposed to be used to anoint Israel's priests?

4➤ What priest made the first piggy bank by placing a chest with a hole in it near the altar of the temple?

5➤ What righteous king fired all the priests that had been appointed to serve pagan gods?

6➤ What are the only books of the Bible named after priests?

7➤ What kind of head covering did the priest wear?

8➤ What book mentions the priest of Israel more than any other?

9➤ Who were the two sons of Aaron killed because they offered "strange fire" to the Lord?

10➤ Who was the first head of the Levites?

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