Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 22

1➤ What king of Judah was temporarily exiled in Assyria, where he repented of his evil ways?

2➤ Who was king when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians?

3➤ What prophet went into exile in Babylon?

4➤ Who was appointed governor of Judah after the people went into exile?

5➤ When the Assyrians deported the people of Israel, how many of the 12 original tribes were left?

6➤ What blind king died in exile in Babylon?

7➤ What king issued an edict ending the exile of the Jews?

8➤ What Assyrian king carried the people of Israel into exile?

9➤ What interpreter of dreams was in exile in Babylon?

10➤ What prophet warned the wicked priest Amaziah that Israel would go into exile?

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