Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 2

1➤ Who pretended to be a madman in order to escape from King Achish?

2➤ Who disguised himself while going to battle against the forces of Pharaoh Neco of Egypt?

3➤ Who posed as her husband's sister while in Egypt?

4➤ What king's wife disguised herself in order to consult the prophet Ahijah?

5➤ What smooth-skinned man disguised himself so well that he passed himself off as his hairy brother?

6➤ Who persuaded the clever woman of Tekoa to pretend to be a widow in order to play on David's sympathy?

7➤ Who posed as Isaac's sister?

8➤ Who fooled Joshua by pretending to be ambassadors from a distant country?

9➤ What evil king of Israel disguised himself while going against the armies of Syria?

10➤ Who sent spies to act as followers of Jesus and to try to trap him?

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