Bible Quiz Questions and Answers:  Daily Bible Quiz - January 31

Bible trivia questions and answers multiple choice: Daily Bible Quiz (January 31)
Bible Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions) with Answers

"Embark on a Soul-Enriching Journey: Immerse in Divine Revelations with Our Daily Bible Quiz for January 31! Dive into 50 soul-stirring questions, curated for all ages - from enchanting tales for kids to profound challenges for adults. Let the scriptures be your guiding compass, leading you through a sacred journey of faith. Each question extends a heartfelt invitation to deepen your connection with the divine, fostering introspection and emotional resonance. Join us in this quest for spiritual growth, where joy, revelation, and enlightenment await. May the daily quiz illuminate your path through the sacred verses of the Bible. Happy quizzing, and may your soul be uplifted by the profound wisdom of the Word!"
Bible quiz multiple choice questions with answers:

1➤ How many years did the Lord add to Hezekiah's life after being healed of his sickness?

2➤ What was the second plague upon Egypt?

3➤ Which disciple looked after Mary, after the death of Jesus?

4➤ Jesus was a high priest after the order of which ancient king, mentioned in Psalm 110?

5➤ Which two provinces looked up to Thessalonica as an example?

6➤ Who was Noah's father?

7➤ Who did Pilate send Jesus to after he had interrogated him?

8➤ Daniel had a dream about four things. what sort of things?

9➤ In the parable of the sower, what did the seed that fell among thorns represent?

10➤ Who was the father of Jonah?

11➤ What relation to Abram was Lot?

12➤ Who will the least person in the Kingdom of God be greater than?

13➤ In what month of Elisabeth's pregnancy did the angel appear to Mary?

14➤ What was the content of the cupbearer's dream interpreted by Joseph?

15➤ Hope deferred maketh what sick?

16➤ Who laid their hands on Saul of Tarsus, cursing him of the blindness he received on the road to Damascus?

17➤ Who was Paul with when he wrote the letter to Philemon?

18➤ What did Joseph send to his father from Egypt?

19➤ In which town did Martha and Mary live?

20➤ Who stole her father's household gods?

21➤ What was the fate of the man who had no wedding robe at the parable of the marriage feast?

22➤ How long did Solomon reign over Israel?

23➤ In Psalm 52, the psalmist describes himself as what kind of tree in the house of God?

24➤ Who was compared unfavorably to the lilies of the field ?

25➤   Of what did Peter and John heal the man at the temple gate called Beautiful?

26➤ Which region was specially noted for its balm?

27➤ What should the Thessalonians do wwith brethren who are not obeying the epistle's word?

28➤ Why should a father not provoke a child to anger?

29➤ What did God rain down on the Amorite army as they passes through Beth-Horon, killing more of them than the Isrealite army did?

30➤ While John was baptizing, what did he call the Pharisees and Sadducees?

31➤ Whose son did Elijah raise from the dead?

32➤ Which group of people stood and watched Jesus as he ascended into heaven?

33➤ What object did Elisha cause to float?

34➤ By what name was the disciple Tabitha also known?

35➤ From which land did Isaac tell Jacob not to take a wife?

36➤ How does Paul describe marriage Hebrews?

37➤ To whom was jesus referring when he said "Go tell that fox, behold i cast out devils"?

38➤ How old was Joseph when he began serving Pharaoh?

39➤ What did naboth refuse to sell?

40➤ Which living creatures in the water were deemed unclean?

41➤ What must a Christian do to "earn their own bread to eat"?

42➤ What was the name of the father of Caleb the spy?

43➤ Which apostle baptized the Ethiopian Eunuch?

44➤ Who promised the "gift of power to tread on serpents and scorpions?

45➤ Which king was saved from death by Abraham's prayer?

46➤ What did Abram do when he heard that lot was made a prisoner of war?

47➤ Who sang, "My soul doth magnify the lord"?

48➤ At what place did the Isrealites arrive only to find the water was too bitter to drink, where upon God caused it to become sweet?

49➤ Which Psalm describes how well the Lord knows man, starting with the line, "O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me"?

50➤ when Moses blessed the tribes before his death, to what animal did he compare Gad?

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