Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 21

1➤ What prophet triumphed when God consumed the offering on the altar and shamed the prophets of Baal?

2➤ What priest of Judah placed a money box near the temple's altar?

3➤ Who built an altar and named it for El, the God of Israel?

4➤ What evil king of Judah built an altar modeled on the altars of Syria?

5➤ Who rebuilt the Jerusalem altar when the exiles returned to Israel?

6➤ Who had his lips touched by a coal from the altar in the temple?

7➤ What prophet had a vision of an idol near the altar of God?

8➤ What prophet foresaw the destruction of the altars of Bethel?

9➤ Who constructed the first altar covered with gold?

10➤ What prophet spoke of the Jews weeping and wailing in front of the altar because God would not accept their offerings?

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