Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 21

1➤ What famous Moabite woman was married to Chilion of Israel?

2➤ Who was the Kate Smith of the Hebrews?

3➤ What woman was suspected of drunkenness as she prayed in the sanctuary at Shiloh?

4➤ Who was David's first wife?

5➤ What young girl was brought in to warm the cold bones of old King David?

6➤ What name was borne by one of David's wives and one of his mothers-in-law?

7➤ Who was stricken with leprosy for speaking out against her brother?

8➤ What famous woman judge was married to the obscure man named Lapidoth?

9➤ What was Moses' mother's name?

10➤ What woman gave up her son to the household of an Egyptian but came to raise him in her own home anyway?

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