Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 10

1➤ What leper was commander of the Syrian troops?

2➤ What soldier led a revolt against King Elah, made himself king, and then committed suicide after a seven-day reign?

3➤ What Roman soldier treated Paul kindly on his voyage to Rome?

4➤ What foreign king had Nebuzaradan as commander of his troops?

5➤ Who was commander of the rebel army when Absalom rebelled against David?

6➤ What Roman soldier was led to Christ by Peter?

7➤ Which Gospel does not mention the Roman soldier on Calvary who said, "Truly this was the son of God"?

8➤ Where was Jesus when a Roman officer asked him to heal a beloved servant?

9➤ Who had a nephew that informed the Roman soldiers of a plot to kill a prisoner?

10➤ What was the name of the military commander who sent Paul from Jerusalem to Caesarea?

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