Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: October 1

1➤ Who was made leprous and then healed after her rebellious acts?

2➤ What did the Israelites put on their doorposts so the angel of death would pass over?

3➤ What did the Lord use to part the Red Sea?

4➤ What means did the Lord use to halt the Egyptian chariots?

5➤ What happened to the manna the Israelites tried to hoard?

6➤ Who was slain by the angel of death?

7➤ What was Moses supposed to do to the rock at Horeb to bring water from it?

8➤ What consumed the offering on the altar?

9➤ What did Moses do at Taberah when the fire of the Lord destroyed many Israelites?

10➤ What brought the locust plague to a halt?

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