Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 22

1➤ What Midianite woman was the daughter of a priest and the wife of a former Egyptian prince?

2➤ What woman of dubious character hid Israelite spies under piles of flax?

3➤ What woman from an idol-worshiping nation became an ancestor of Christ?

4➤ What barren woman begged the Lord for a son and later gave up her only son to live in the house of the priest Eli?

5➤ Who took great pains to make peace between David and her foolish and obnoxious husband?

6➤ What unnamed woman broke the king's law by order of the king himself?

7➤ What wife of David took enormous pains to secure the throne for her son?

8➤ What son of David was always referred to as the "son of Haggith"?

9➤ What wife of David is mentioned in Matthew's genealogy of Jesus?

10➤ Who came to Jesus at the wedding of Cana and said, "They have no wine"?

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