Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 28

1➤ Who was turned into a leper for lying to the prophet Elisha?

2➤ What owner of a vineyard was executed by Ahab because lying witnesses claimed he had blasphemed against God and the king?

3➤ What king of Israel claimed to be a devout worshiper of Baal in order to gather together Baal-worshipers and butcher them?

4➤ Who died after lying to Peter about the value of the possessions they had sold?

5➤ What godly prophet lied to Ahab about the outcome of a battle?

6➤ Who is the father of lies?

7➤ What two men-father and son-claimed at different times that their wives were actually their sisters?

8➤ What oversized warrior had bronze armor weighing over 125 pounds?

9➤ What Roman official in Jerusalem bowed to the wishes of an uncontrollable mob?

10➤ In what city in Greece did a group of Jews whip up a company of thugs in an anti-Paul riot?

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