Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 29

1➤ What priest gave David the ritual bread when David fled from Saul?

2➤ According to Ezekiel, what was the one kind of woman a priest could not marry?

3➤ What priest announced that Jesus should die because it was appropriate for one man to die for the people?

4➤ What priest was told by the prophet Amos that his wife would become a prostitute?

5➤ According to John's Gospel, what priest was the first to examine the arrested Jesus?

6➤ What priest anointed Solomon as king?

7➤ What man asked the high priest for letters of commendation so he could work in the synagogues of Damascus?

8➤ What two apostles were met by a priest of Zeus, who tried to offer sacrifices to them?

9➤ What priest had seven sons who were casting out demons in the name of Jesus?

10➤ What high priest ordered his men to slap Paul, which caused Paul to call him a "whitewashed wall"?

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