Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 9

1➤ What king is considered to be the author of 73 of the Psalms?

2➤ What king built the first temple in Jerusalem?

3➤ What army commander made Saul's son Ishbosheth king over Israel?

4➤ What evil king of Israel pouted when he couldn't get a man to sell his plot of land?

5➤ What psalm is supposed to be David's expression of guilt after his affair with Bathsheba?

6➤ What king suffered from an almost fatal illness but was promised fifteen more years of life by Isaiah?

7➤ Which of the 10 plagues finally convinced the Egyptian pharaoh to let the Israelites leave?

8➤ Who reigned in Persia when Nehemiah heard the sad news about the walls of Jerusalem?

9➤ What king of Judah purified the temple and rededicated it to God?

10➤ What apostle fled the soldiers of King Aretas in Damascus?

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