Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 25

1➤ Who was put in prison as a political enemy of the Philistines?

2➤ What king of Israel was imprisoned for defying Assyrian authority?

3➤ What kinsman of Jesus was imprisoned for criticizing King Herod's marriage to Herodias?

4➤ What famous dreamer was imprisoned after being accused of trying to seduce Potiphar's wife?

5➤ Whose brothers were imprisoned after being falsely accused of being spies in Egypt?

6➤ Who was imprisoned for prophesying the destruction of the kingdom of Judah?

7➤ What king of Judah was blinded and imprisoned because he defied Babylonian authority?

8➤ Who prophesied doom for King Asa and was put in prison?

9➤ What king of Judah was sent into exile in Babylon and put in prison but was later released and treated as a friend of the king of Babylon?

10➤ Who prophesied doom and defeat for King Ahab and was put in prison for his harsh words?

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