Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 14

1➤ In God's covenant with Abraham, what ceremonial rite was made mandatory for all Abraham's male descendants?

2➤ In the covenant between God and Israel at Sinai, the agreement was broken almost immediately afterward by the Israelites. What did they do that was an infringement of the covenant?

3➤ According to Jeremiah's vision, where would the new covenant between God and man be written?

4➤ In the New Testament, a new covenant is instituted by Jesus. What does he use to symbolize this new covenant?

5➤ Who anointed a stone and dedicated it to God?

6➤ What holy man was anointed by an immoral woman?

7➤ What substance was usually used for anointing in Israel?

8➤ Who, according to James, should anoint the sick believer with oil?

9➤ Whom did Moses anoint with the blood of a ram?

10➤ What New Testament word means "anointed"?

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