Bible Quiz Questions and Answers:  Daily Bible Quiz - January 24

Bible trivia questions and answers multiple choice: Daily Bible Quiz (January 24)
Bible Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions) with Answers

"Embark on a Soul-Enriching Journey: Immerse in Divine Insights with Our Daily Bible Quiz for January 24! Dive into 50 heart-touching questions, crafted for all ages - from enchanting tales for kids to profound challenges for adults. Let the scriptures be your guiding light, leading you through a sacred expedition of faith. Each question extends a heartfelt invitation to deepen your connection with the divine, fostering introspection and emotional resonance. Join us in this quest for spiritual enlightenment, where joy, revelation, and growth await. May the daily quiz illuminate your path through the sacred verses of the Bible. Happy quizzing, and may your soul be uplifted by the profound wisdom of the Word!"
Bible quiz multiple choice questions with answers:

1➤ What is a phylactery?

2➤ Which of the following is the feast of unleavened bread?

3➤ Levi is another name for which disciple?

4➤ Which disciples were named 'Boanerges'?

5➤ What is the meaning of the word 'Corban'?

6➤ What does 'ephphatha' mean?

7➤ What was the father of Alexander and Rufus known for?

8➤ To which tribe did the prophetess Anna, who saw the baby Jesus, belong?

9➤ What does the word 'Abba' mean?

10➤ Which one of these is not one of the 12 disciples?

11➤ Three pairs of Jesus' disciples had the same name. Which name is not repeated?

12➤ What is the meaning of 'Akeldama'?

13➤ How large was the group of believers just after Peter healed the cripple?

14➤ Which one of these men did not belong to the family of the high priest?

15➤ What was Barnabas' real name?

16➤ What tribe was Barnabas from?

17➤ What does 'Barnabas' mean?

18➤ Which Greek deity did the people of Lystra connect with Barnabas?

19➤ Who was killed when he led 400 men in revolt?

20➤ What is Tabitha's other name?

21➤ What was the occupation of the man who hosted Peter in Joppa?

22➤ Which learned man knew only the baptism of John?

23➤ Whose lecture hall did Paul use in Ephesus?

24➤ What was the value of the scrolls the former sorcerers burned in Ephesus?

25➤ Who started the riot in Ephesus?

26➤ Who had 4 unmarried daughters with the gift of prophecy?

27➤ In Jerusalem, how many men did Paul join in taking a vow?

28➤ Who was the high priest who ordered Paul struck?

29➤ Who was the commander who arrested Paul during the riot in Jerusalem?

30➤ What attorney prosecuted Paul in Caesarea?

31➤ How many people were on board the ship taking Paul to Rome?

32➤ Who was the chief official on the island of Malta where Paul was shipwrecked?

33➤ How long did Paul stay in Rome in his own rented house?

34➤ Man the Philippians sent to take care of the needs of Paul:

35➤ What was the relationship of Barnabas to Mark?

36➤ Whom did Paul hand over to Satan to be taught not to blaspheme?

37➤ What tribe was Barnabas from?

38➤ In which city did a jailer become a believer?

39➤ How did the woman in the book of Revelation escape from the dragon?

40➤ Which heaven was Paul caught up to in his vision?

41➤ Who tied his hands and feet to warn Paul not to go to Jerusalem?

42➤ During the reign of which emperor was there a widespread famine?

43➤ Which apostle had something like scales fall from his eyes?

44➤ What does 'Hallelujah' mean?

45➤ Which city did Jesus leave out when he pronounced woes on unrepentance?

46➤ Which of these disciples of Jesus used to be a disciple of John the Baptist?

47➤ Who said, 'The ax is already at the root of the trees'?

48➤ Who asked Jesus, 'Are you greater than our father Jacob?'

49➤ Where did the Pharisees claim Jesus got his power from?

50➤ About whom did Jesus say, 'I have not found such great faith in Israel'?

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