Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 19

1➤ Which epistle mentions "silly women" who are always learning but never aware of the truth?

2➤ Which epistle is addressed to a woman?

3➤ How many times does Eve's name appear in Genesis?

4➤ How many times does Eve's name appear in the New Testament?

5➤ Which Gospel records Jesus saying "Remember Lot's wife"?

6➤ What shepherd girl became the much-loved wife of Jacob?

7➤ What daughter of Jacob caused major problems by venturing into strange territory?

8➤ What quick-witted widow secured children through her deceived father-in-law?

9➤ What Egyptian wife caused Joseph to be thrown into prison?

10➤ Who is the only king who is said to have neither mother nor father?

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