Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 12

1➤ What woman had the same name as an old kingdom of Asia?

2➤ What daughter of Job had a 12-letter name?

3➤ What woman was capable enough to instruct the brilliant Apollos in theology?

4➤ Who was probably the carrier of Paul's epistle to the Romans?

5➤ What pastor was the son of the devout Eunice?

6➤ Who was with David when Bathsheba and Nathan pleaded with him to designate Solomon as his successor?

7➤ Who was given by her Egyptian father as a reward to a Hebrew servant?

8➤ What evil woman lived in the Valley of Sorek?

9➤ Who was Timothy's devout grandmother?

10➤ What woman, wife of the wicked king Amon, gave birth to the future godly king Josiah?

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