Bible Quiz Questions and Answers:  Daily Bible Quiz - January 6

Bible trivia questions and answers multiple choice: Daily Bible Quiz (January 6)
Bible Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions) with Answers

"Embark on a Soul-Enriching Journey: Discover Divine Insights in Our Daily Bible Quiz for January 6! Immerse yourself in 50 heart-touching questions, tailored for all ages - from uplifting tales for kids to thought-provoking challenges for adults. Let the scriptures be a wellspring of inspiration, guiding you through a sacred expedition of faith. Each question extends a heartfelt invitation to deepen your connection with the divine, encouraging introspection and emotional resonance. Join us in this exploration of spiritual enlightenment, where joy, revelation, and growth await. May the daily quiz be your guiding light through the sacred chapters of the Bible. Happy quizzing, and may your soul be uplifted by the timeless wisdom of the Word!"
Bible quiz multiple choice questions with answers:

1➤ Which prophet spoke to dry bones which then came to life?

2➤ Why were the 3 men in 'Daniel' thrown into the fiery furnace?

3➤ What led to Daniel's being thrown into the lion's den?

4➤ Who was thrown into the lion's den?

5➤ How many books are in the entire Bible?

6➤ How many books are in the Old Testament?

7➤ Who dreamed that the sun and the moon and 11 stars bowed down to him?

8➤ How many psalms are there?

9➤ Who said, 'Am I my brother's keeper?

10➤ In what form did Satan appear in the garden of Eden?

11➤ Which psalm has--'The Lord is my shepherd'?

12➤ Who was Joseph's grandfather?

13➤ Who was King David's grandfather?

14➤ What was the god of the Philistines?

15➤ Who was King Saul's father?

16➤ What tribe was King Saul from?

17➤ Who was the best friend of Saul's son Jonathan?

18➤ Who was the husband of Abigail and refused to give food to David's men?

19➤ Who was the crippled son of Jonathan, the son of King Saul?

20➤ Who was the husband of Bathsheba who was murdered by David?

21➤ Which prophet rebuked David for adultery and murder?

22➤ Which of King David's sons was known for being handsome?

23➤ Who cursed David and threw stones at him as he fled from Absalom?

24➤ Who killed Absalom?

25➤ Who supplied Solomon with wood for the temple?

26➤ Which term does not fit Solomon?

27➤ Whose sin caused God to make the ten tribes of Israel split off from Judah?

28➤ Who succeeded Solomon as king?

29➤ Which king of Israel married Jezebel and worshipped Baal?

30➤ How many prophets of Baal died in their 'duel' with Elijah?

31➤ When Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal, how often did he soak his altar?

32➤ Which prophet cursed 42 youths for calling him 'baldy'?

33➤ Who advised Naaman to seek the prophet in Samaria for healing?

34➤ Who was the servant of Elisha who became leprous because he got greedy?

35➤ What woman killed her grandchildren so she could rule Israel?

36➤ Which king of Assyria threatened King Hezekiah and Jerusalem?

37➤ Hezekiah received envoys from a certain country. Which one?

38➤ What was God's sign to Hezekiah that he would live 15 more years?

39➤ During whose reign was the Book of the Law found in the temple?

40➤ Which king destroyed Jerusalem and deported the inhabitants?

41➤ Why wasn't David allowed to build the temple?

42➤ Who was the architect for the temple Solomon built?

43➤ Which king of Persia decreed that the temple be rebuilt?

44➤ Which priest was in charge of rebuilding the temple after the Babylonian exile?

45➤ Who took charge of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem after the exile?

46➤ Which queen was deposed because she refused the summons of Xerxes?

47➤ Who was hanged on the gallows he had built for Mordecai?

48➤ Which feast did the Jews celebrate because of their delivery at Esther's time? C

49➤ How many children did Job lose in a storm?

50➤ Who comforted Job in his distress?

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