Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 6

1➤ Which son of Jacob had sexual relations with one of his father's concubines?

2➤ Who had sex with his father's concubines on the palace roof while everyone was watching?

3➤ Whose wife was a harlot before marriage and an adulteress afterward?

4➤ In which church was there a sexually immoral woman named Jezebel?

5➤ Which king did John the Baptist call an adulterer?

6➤ According to the Law, what is the punishment for committing adultery?

7➤ Whose sons were notorious for taking bribes?

8➤ Which tax collector climbed a tree to see Jesus?

9➤ Who kept Paul in prison, hoping Paul would try to bribe him for release?

10➤ Who advised that the Egyptians be taxed 20 percent of their produce in order to prepare for famine?

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