Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 16

1➤ What priest of Midian had seven daughters, one of which became the wife of Moses?

2➤ What girl was offered as a sacrifice by her father, one of Israel's judges?

3➤ What daughter of a troublemaker married a Jewish priest, a marriage that caused him to lose his post?

4➤ What was the name of Melchizedek's mother?

5➤ What little girl was referred to as "Talitha" by Jesus?

6➤ What two Hebrew servant women risked their lives by disobeying the command of the pharaoh?

7➤ What harlot fled from a burning city, taking her family with her?

8➤ Whose 10 concubines were forced to engage in public lewdness with the king's sons?

9➤ Who had an Israelite servant girl who told him about a cure for leprosy?

10➤ Who urged her husband to curse God and die?

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