Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 23

1➤ Who ordered the extermination of the prophets of the Lord in Israel?

2➤ Who was killed after being thrown from a window by two eunuchs?

3➤ Who did Jesus mention, associated with the prophet Elijah?

4➤ Which wealthy woman had a son that died of a sunstroke?

5➤ Who was killed at Jerusalem's Horse Gate, being a daughter of Jezebel?

6➤ Who was sought out by Josiah when the Book of the Law was discovered in the temple?

7➤ Which book of the Bible mentions a virtuous woman who is more valuable than rubies?

8➤ Who was the first woman to ask the Lord for help?

9➤ Who was Jesus speaking of when he said, "Behold your mother"?

10➤ Which servant of David was desired as a prize by his son Adonijah?

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