Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 17

1➤ Who committed the first murder according to the Bible?

2➤ Who, despite acknowledging the innocence of Jesus, allowed him to be crucified anyway?

3➤ Who made numerous attempts to swindle Jacob, who ultimately prospered?

4➤ What king was constantly making oaths of love and loyalty to David while frequently trying to kill him?

5➤ What evil king of Israel was led into even more wickedness by his beautiful and scheming wife?

6➤ Who ordered the killing of infant boys in Bethlehem?

7➤ What treacherous son led a revolt against his father, the king of Israel?

8➤ What ruler, who had already had John the Baptist beheaded, was Jesus made to appear before?

9➤ What two traitorous army captains murdered their king as a favor to David and were then executed by David for treachery?

10➤ Who stole idols from her father?

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