Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 16

1➤ What gruesome object did the Philistines fasten in the temple of Dagon?

2➤ Which goddess had a notorious temple at Ephesus?

3➤ Why did John not see a temple in the new Jerusalem?

4➤ Whose temple did Abimelech burn while the people of Shechem were hiding inside?

5➤ Who received a vision of the Jerusalem temple while he was in exile in Babylon?

6➤ According to Paul, who is called to be the temple of God?

7➤ What Assyrian emperor was assassinated by his sons while he was worshiping in his pagan temple?

8➤ Who was told in a vision to measure the temple in Jerusalem?

9➤ Who carried away furnishings from the Jerusalem temple and put them in the temple at Babylon?

10➤ What was Jesus talking about when he spoke of destroying the temple and raising it up in three days?

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