Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: April 30

1➤ What did the disciples say to Jesus before the ascension?

2➤ What did Jesus eat to convince the disciples that he was indeed raised from the dead?

3➤ How old was Joseph when he died?

4➤ Where was David born?

5➤ How were the Thessalonians told to “keep their own bodies”?

6➤ How many companions did the Philistines give to Samson at the feast in Timnah?

7➤ How many times did Noah send out the dove?

8➤ What instruments were used to praise God when the temple foundation was rebuilt?

9➤ How many “minor prophets” are there?

10➤ “Honor thy father and thy mother” is one of the ten commandments. Which one?

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