Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 18

1➤ Who had a beef against a Greek silversmith named Demetrius?

2➤ Who brought to Jesus the boy with loaves and fishes?

3➤ Who was reluctant to have Jesus wash his feet?

4➤ Who was bitten by a viper on the island of Malta?

5➤ What brother of Jesus does Paul call an apostle?

6➤ What young friend of Paul, a coauthor of 1 Thessalonians, was an apostle?

7➤ What apostle, a traveling companion of Paul, was sometimes called Silvanus?

8➤ According to tradition, what apostle lived to a ripe old age after miraculously living through being boiled in oil?

9➤ Who built the first altar?

10➤ What military leader was killed while holding on to the horns of the altar?

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