Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: August 9

1➤ Who sent two spies to Jericho?

2➤ What epistle warns against people sent in to "spy out our liberty"?

3➤ What rebel sent his spies throughout Israel, telling them to wait till they heard the sound of the trumpet?

4➤ What Canaanite city did spies find the entrance of?

5➤ Who was sleeping between two soldiers when he was miraculously delivered?

6➤ What captain of the palace guard did Joseph serve under?

7➤ What loyal Israelite soldier gave Joshua a positive report about the land of Canaan?

8➤ What Hittite soldier was put on the front lines of battle so David could take his wife?

9➤ Which Gospel is the only one to mention the Roman soldiers piercing Jesus' body with a spear?

10➤ What Gittite soldier supported David during the rebellion of Absalom?

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